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  1. Oktoberfest Party Lanyard

    Oktoberfest Party Lanyard

    Product ID: LANYARD-C

    Go hands free to your next Oktoberfest party. Prost!
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  2. 1 Liter Plastic Beer Boot with Lanyard Mix & Match Kit

    1 Liter Plastic Beer Boot with Lanyard Mix & Match Kit

    Product ID: beerbootkit

    Exclusive to, the 1 Liter Plastic Beer Boot With Lanyard Mix & Match Kit is the perfect way to go hands free with your beer! The lanyard keeps the beer boot hanging around your neck so you are free to do what you please while enjoying yourself at any party. You can now choose your lanyard from the options below (be sure to add the appropriate number of lanyards for every boot you wish to purchase).

    If you are looking to purchase 168 boots or more, please contact us for wholesale pricing.

    Choose From:

    • Beer boot with one of seven lanyard colors (make selections below.)
    • Individual lanyards - great for changing up your beer boot!
    • Or a standalone beer boot 

    Starting at: $1.95

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Tougher N' Steel (not really)

While the larger boots are thinner and more fragile, these 1 Liter Beer Boots are extremely durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is usually a good idea to avoid dropping or throwing anything made of glass, but these boots don't chip easily, so you can party worry free.


A Variety of Styles

We have a variety of decorative options for the 1 Liter Beer Boots: you can get a blank glass beer boot, one with the Hofbrauhaus logo, one with a pewter Bavarian crest or even a personalized boot . These 1 liter boots make great gifts, decorative pieces - or, of course, drinking vessels. What are you waiting for? Get yours today!


Host your own Beerfest!

No beer drinking competition is complete without glassware and 1 Liter Beer Boots are a great place to start. Buy 6 boots, split into teams of 3 and see which team can finish first. Its time for Das Boot!

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