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  1. 24" Square Bavarian Check Scarf

    24" Square Bavarian Check Scarf

    Product ID: F701

    24" Square Bavarian Check Scarf

    Was: $6.95 (29% savings)

  2. Happy Oktoberfest Beer Mug Glasses

    Happy Oktoberfest Beer Mug Glasses

    Product ID: FN65744

    These beer mug glasses won't help you drink any more beer, but they will make you look better when you're drinking. They make a great Oktoberfest party favor!

    Was: $5.95 (18% savings)

  3. Beer Mug Party Glasses

    Beer Mug Party Glasses

    Product ID: 60375

    Beer Mug Party Glasses feature clear plastic rims with yellow lenses in the shape of two beer mugs.

    Special Price $4.00

    Was: $7.95 (50% savings)

  4. Oktoberfest Temporary Tattoos

    Oktoberfest Temporary Tattoos

    Product ID: FN65772


    Was: $3.95 (32% savings)

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You've got your Dirndl...

You're not done yet. Complete your Oktoberfest costume with our array of accessories. Accessories can be the most memorable part of your entire experience, if you choose wisely...


Here are some recommendations:

  1. 1. Let our wigs upgrade your look
  2. 2. Let our suspenders make your lederhosen a head to toe costume
  3. 3. Let our petticoats spruce up your dirndl
  4. 4. Let our stockings cover your legs
  5. 5. Let our pretzel earrings attract exactly the kind of attention you are looking for.


Patches, Pins, Keychains and more

Patches, Pins, Keychains and more, leave your embarrassment at the door.

Our one stop shop is the place for you, to get an authentic stein for your brew.

But that isn't all, we've got more; there are hats and shirts and costumes galore.

You'll be primed, to have a yourself a great time

In Munich or anywhere, you'll be looking so fine

But if you want to look great, you'll need even more.

Your outfits incomplete, without our Accessories store.

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