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Instant transformation

Our German themed Oktoberfest aprons instantly transform you into appropriate dress for any Oktoberfest party. Simply put on one of these aprons and suddenly you're dressed in lederhosen or transformed into a German beer girl. Our aprons are printed in Italy and feature bright and vibrant designs that are sure to draw attention.


More than just dress up

Our aprons are more than just Oktoberfest Lederhosen and Dirndls. With our aprons you can develop a 6-pack, carry 6 steins at once or become a member of the opposite sex just by slipping a string around your neck. Let our Oktoberfest aprons make your dreams a reality.


Cooking + Oktoberfest Aprons = Fun!

The hard part of eating is preparing the food. But with our aprons cooking becomes the funnest part of your day! Buy one of our Oktoberfest aprons and you'll be singing "Ein Prosit" right through dinner. Surprise your significant other with a new apron that shows off your love for Oktoberfest today!

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