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German Beer Steins

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  1. Giant Bayern Pewter Stein

    Giant Bayern Pewter Stein

    Product ID: 5395

    Giant Bayern Pewter Stein has raised-relief, fine pewter. This masterpiece will serve as a focal point of any collection. Material: pewter. Origin: Germany. Volume: 1.75 liters. Dim: 13.5 inches. inches tall
  2. 1 Liter Plastic Beer Stein Clear

    1 Liter Plastic Beer Stein Clear

    Product ID: PS1LSTEIN

    This 1.0 liter plastic dimpled beer stein is perfect for any Oktoberfest party or festival! It can withstand heavy use and won't break if dropped. The traditional German Mass Krug is the stein used to serve beer at Oktoberfest in Munich.
  3. Munich Oktoberfest Bier wagon Stein

    Munich Oktoberfest Bier wagon Stein

    Product ID: 6789

    Oktoberfest Beer Stein with Horses. Material: Porcelain. Origin: Germany. Volume: 1Liter. Dimensions: 9.5 inches tall. Bier wagon pulled by horses on this 1 liter stein with pewter lid.
  4. 1 Liter Deutschland Eagle Crest Stein

    1 Liter Deutschland Eagle Crest Stein

    Product ID: 3113

    The 1 liter Deutschland Eagle Crest Stein features the German Eagle with the 16 regional coats of arms that represent the reunited Germany. Made in Germany. 11.125 inches tall.
  5. 1 Liter Bavarian Lion Pewter Stein

    1 Liter Bavarian Lion Pewter Stein

    Product ID: 5133

    The 1 Liter Bavarian Lion Pewter Stein is 11.25 inches tall. The stein displays three proud lions guarding the crest of Bavaria. On either side of the crown and shield we find the majestic animal in deep precise relief.
  6. 1 Liter Ceramic Fest Stein with Climber Handle

    1 Liter Ceramic Fest Stein with Climber Handle

    Product ID: 4644

    The 1 liter Fest Stein features a climber handle and is 12-3/4 inches tall. Material: Stoneware Origin: Germany Limited edition.
  7. 1 Liter Pilsner Glass

    1 Liter Pilsner Glass

    Product ID: 8336

    The one liter pilsner glass makes drinking your beverage more enjoyable. Material: glass. Origin: Poland. Volume: 1 liter. Dimensions: 11.25 inches.
  8. 1.5 Liter Siegburg Ceramic German Stein

    1.5 Liter Siegburg Ceramic German Stein

    Product ID: 3707

    Reproduction of a 16th Century antique stein found near Siegburg Germany, a significant early stein production area. Material: Stoneware. Origin: Germany. Volume: 1.5 liters. Dim: 13 inches high. Antiqued flat pewter lid. Limited edition with only 5,000 made.

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Showing 8 products

Welcome to "Kannenbackerland"

Kannenbackerland is an area in Germany known as the original German beer stein producer. Authenticity is important to us, which is why you'll find that many of our steins are handmade in Germany with centuries old designs that inspire nostalgia for many of our customers.


For the Mantle

Not all Beer Steins are made for drinking, some are made for decorative purposes. The world's largest beer stein can hold more than 30 liters of beer, stands at more than 4 feet in height and weighs more than 35 pounds. While it is impressive, it isn't the easiest Beer Stein to drink from.


Lids keep your Beer Fresh

It is believed by some that the lid was implemented during the Black Plague to prevent disease from getting into beer. Several of the steins we sell come with traditional pewter lids designed to keep your beer fresh and free of debris. Prost!


Family Tradition

Beer steins are often passed down from generation to generation. Families can do this because, for centuries, these ceramic steins have been handmade to last in the Westerwald region in Germany, by some of the world's best potters. The designs on almost all of our steins have antique origins.


German Tradition in your Home!

There's no need to travel to Germany just to find the perfect traditional German stein. We stock the largest and most complete selection of traditional ceramic German steins available from top brands like King Werks, Zoller and Born and Thewalt. No matter what style of stein you are looking for, you are sure to find it right here!


Its all about Selection:

We have nearly 200 King-Werks Traditional Steins and over 150 Zoeller & Born's Traditional Steins. The numbers don't lie, we have the largest selection of authentic Traditional German Beer Steins in the United States.


You want 'em, we got 'em

Looking for the official beer steins of Oktoberfest Munchen? You're in luck! We stock the official stone beer steins imported directly from the German manufacturers. These are the official collector steins featuring the artwork from the official Oktoberfest poster.


The official logo

Each year, Oktoberfest Munchen runs a contest to create the official logo for Oktoberfest. The winner's logo design is then used on all kinds of merchandise: t-shirts, mugs, steins, hats, umbrellas, posters, etc.


Missing a year?

We have the Official Oktoberfest stein from the last several years in two models, with or without the pewter lid. They're great Oktoberfest souvenirs, even if you didn't make it to Oktoberfest in person.

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