All About Oktoberfest Haus

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A profile of our company. Take one minute, literally, to learn all about Oktoberfest Haus, our founder, our genesis, our products and our values.

The video proves that Bavarian Guy makes a great group costume… Available in sizes Medium through 3XL, it can accommodate a wide range of Bavarians. Check out the costume here.

Bavarian Guy is coming! Run and tell your families! AHHHHHHHH!!!! (this is an excited scream, not a scared one.) Check out the costume here.

Our Bavarian Guy Costume meets Baywatch. While we would not suggest trying this at Oktoberfest in Munich, this lederhosen clad Bavarian guy is ready for any kind of German beer drinking. Check out the costume here.

What should you pack for your trip to Oktoberfest in Germany? Sometimes it takes your magical German Doppelganger from the future to tell you. Confused? Watch this video and have your Oktoberfest packing problems solved in under 3 minutes.

JibJab cartoon video of our company owner, graphic designer and customer service team getting their polka on at Oktoberfest.

Brendan McCarthy, our owner, goes over the 2 Liter Machine Pressed Glass Beer Boot – 67 Oz. – Das Boot in his our warehouse. Check out the boot here.

Hire this guy for your next Oktoberfest Party. Or just buy some party balloons. Check out the balloons here.

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