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2 Liter Beer Boots

Go big or go home!

A man I met at Oktoberfest in Munich told me to "Go big or go home" (in German). Listen to the German and go with the 2 liter beer boot. The most popular size, 2 liter beer boots are great for display and - for what else? - drinking.


Das Boot

These 2 liter beer boots were popularized in the movie Beerfest. Referred to as Das Boot, the challenge was for your whole team to finish their 2 liter beer boots before the other team. It's particularly tricky at the end when the beer is vacuum-sealed into the beer boot toe - the beer pops and comes rushing out.


Largest variety

We carry a variety of 2 liter beer boots, from blank glass beer boots to the very popular Wisconsin beer boot (do they drink much beer in Wisconsin!?). We also have 2 liter decorated beer boots from the largest German beer producers - Hofbrauhaus, Hacker-Pschorr, Spaten and Warsteiner.

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