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German Beer Boots

German Beer Boots

We have the largest selection of glass and plastic beer boots in the world. Known as a Bierstiefel in German, bring a beer boot to your next Beerfest or Oktoberfest party, and everyone will scream "Das Boot" as you walk in the door. Shop mouth blown and machine pressed beer boots - These boots are made for drinking.


Why do people call beer boots "Das Boot"?

We know, "Das Boot" means "the boat" in German. The term "Das Boot" meaning a glass drinking beer boot entered the American mainstream with the release of the movie Beerfest in 2006. The movie featured national teams drinking from 2 liter glass boots. Go to any college campus in 2006 and "Das Boot" was all the rage.


Das Boot was a movie about a German submarine?!?!

Yes it was, however they did not drink boots of beer on board of the submarine. The film would have gone in a very different direction had they started pounding beers


Why beer boots?

These glass drinking vessels embody the beer culture found in Germany. Beer boot drinking is the essence of camaraderie and in many circles, a game of sorts. Beer Boots are the perfect addition to any bar, make great gifts (graduation, holidays, birthdays, father’s day, wedding parties, etc.) and will always get the attention of your friends.

Custom engraved and personalized beer boots are extremely popular as groomsmen gifts. Breweries can add a custom color logo to boots for a great promotional and merchandising tool that will grab the attention of consumers.


Oktoberfest Haus 'Haus' Beer Boot Drinking Game Rules:

  1. The beer boot is passed around a group with individuals taking a sip and passing to the left (unless multiple boots are in use).
  2. Once the boot is first picked up, it cannot touch the table or be set down until empty.
  3. Each player must flick the beer boot prior to and after taking a sip.
  4. If you get splashed in the face, you take an extra drink.
  5. The beer boot toe has to remain pointed upward and no turning of the beer boot is allowed. (Allowing the toe to face sideways is for amateurs only!)
  6. If you finish the boot, the person before you buys the next fill.

If you play this game with alcohol, always remember to drink responsibly and NEVER drink and drive

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“Sehr Gut Boot” Das Boot Blown Glass Beer Boot
$ 32.99 $ 14.99
1 Liter United States Coast Guard Beer Boot
$ 46.95 $ 29.55
1 Liter United States Coast Guard Beer Boot
Product ID: 5654
This one liter beer boot features a Coast Guard emblem decoration across the front. This is a great item to give as a gift or keep on a shelf as a conversation starter for parties. 9.5 inches tall.
Engravable Pewter Bavarian Crest Badge
$ 25.95 $ 9.95
Engravable Pewter Bavarian Crest Badge
Product ID: PCREST
This engravable badge makes for a great personalized gift for groomsmen, birthdays, or for those that want a personalized glassware item.
Oktoberfest Haus "Das Bier" German Glass Beer Boot
$ 39.95 $ 14.99
Oktoberfest Haus "Das Bier" German Glass Beer Boot
Product ID: OKT1001-1
Same day shipping on our 1 liter German glass beer boot. Why drink from a stein when you can drink from Das Boot? Our machine pressed beer boot holds 1 liter (35 fluid ounces)
Showing 1-4 of 4 products
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