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Ceramic Beer Mugs

The Most Complete Selection


We have the most complete selection of traditional ceramic German steins available. You'll find exactly what you're looking for in our wide selection of ceramic steins ranging from traditional decorative German steins to ceramic Germany brewery steins and every combination in between.




The word "stein" comes from the German word for stone, as in stoneware or ceramic. The common material for steins before the introduction of glass was fired ceramic.




Most of our traditional ceramic steins have lids. Lids were originally used for sanitary reasons to keep insects out of the stein. However, now they are mostly used for decorative steins. Besides the more expensive decorative steins, we have a great selection of practical ceramic steins - Hofbrauhaus ceramic steins, official Oktoberfest ceramic steins, assorted German Brewery ceramic steins, and plain 1 liter ceramic steins.

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