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Erzgebirge does it all

The wood workers of the Ore Mountains don't just make Nutcrackers, Arches, Pyramids and Ornaments - they also make German Christmas Figurines. These figurines are hand crafted and shaped into familiar people, animals, fairy tales and other items.


Hand crafted to perfection

The wood workers of the Erzgebirge region pay such close attention to detail that each figurine in our collection is like a work of art. The variety of figurines in our catalog (we have over 200) allow our customers to create their own nostalgic scenes for the holiday season.


Make it a family tradition

Christmas is the perfect time of year to start a collection and these figurines are the perfect place to start. Affordable, durable and meticulously beautiful, these German Christmas Figurines are the perfect introduction to the wood working talents of the Erzgebirge region. If you are considering starting a collection of Nutcrackers, Beer Steins or other hand made German goods, start by purchasing one or more of these wonderful little figurines, you won't be disappointed.

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