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  1. /d/r/dregeno_german_santa_nutcracker_022_131.jpg

    Dregeno Large Santa Nutcracker

    Product ID: 022-131

  2. /d/r/dregeno_nutcracker_beige_022_020_3.jpg

    Dregeno Beige King Nutcracker

    Product ID: 022-020-3

  3. /d/r/dregeno_nutcracker_green_022_020_4.jpg

    Dregeno Green King Nutcracker

    Product ID: 022-020-4

  4. Dregeno Fuechtner Hussar Nutcracker

    Dregeno Fuechtner Hussar Nutcracker

    Product ID: 022-088

  5. /d/r/dregeno_nutcracker_blue_022_020_2.jpg

    14" Dregeno Blue King Nutcracker

    Product ID: 022-020-2

  6. /d/r/dregeno_nutcracker_hunter_022_035n.jpg
  7. /1/1/11202_8_dregeno_volkskunst_nutcracker.jpg

    Dregeno Volkskunst Nutcracker

    Product ID: 11202-8

    Dregeno Volkskunst Nutcracker. Made in Germany.
  8. /d/r/dregeno_nutcracker_soldier_natural_wood_003_201n.jpg

    Dregeno Natural Wood King German Nutcracker

    Product ID: 003-201N

    Dregeno Natural Wood King German Nutcracker. Made in Germany.
  9. /d/r/dregeno_german_nutcracker_3040.jpg

    Dregeno King Nutcracker

    Product ID: 3040

    Dregeno King Nutcracker. Made in Germany.
  10. /d/r/dregeno_german_nutcracker_chimney_sweep_3024.jpg

    Dregeno Chimney Sweeper Nutcracker

    Product ID: 3024

    Dregeno Chimney Sweeper Nutcracker. Made in Germany.

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For decorative purposes only

All of the German Nutcrackers we sell are for decorative purposes only, meaning they don't actually crack nuts. But, for a collector, a Nutcracker can be the perfect gift, especially when it is well made. We have a wide selection of the highest quality German Nutcrackers in the world. With more than 1000 different Nutcrackers in our catalog, you should be able to find the exact one you are looking for.


Direct imports

Imported directly from the manufacturers in Germany our Steinbach, KWO, Christian Ulbricht and Richard Glaesser Nutcrackers and unparalleled in their quality and design. For generations Nutcrackers from the Erzebirge region in Germany on the border of the Czech Republic have been considered the most beautiful handmade Nutcrackers available.


Packaged with care

Every Nutcracker in our catalog has a specially designed box that keeps it safe and sound throughout the year. After your purchase you should keep all the packaging, so that your Nutcracker can remain in pristine condition year round.


Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Some of the nutcrackers in our catalog of Steinbach Nutcrackers are signed by a member of the family, most commonly by Karla Steinbach, daughter of the late Herr Christian Steinbach and current President of the company. Every year, Karla and her daughter Karoline travel the country attending nutcracker signing events. We have been honored to have Karoline (7th generation now involved in the company) visit us the last two years and look forward to working with the Steinbach family for years to come. Their business has been passed down from generation to generation, so that your collection can live on and continue to grow through the ages. Make sure to share this wonderful tradition with your younger family members, so that they too can understand the joy of owning and collecting these beautiful works of art.

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