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Pet Costumes

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Dressing up isn't just for humans

You may think you're ready for your upcoming Oktoberfest party, but your dog or cat probably doesn't agree. I think its time to spoil them and spoil yourself at the same time. There may be nothing quite as cute as a pet dressed up in a costume. Got 2 pets? Put one in lederhosen and one in a dirndl and put on some polka music. They will start dancing, guaranteed.


Don't discriminate

Just because its called a dog costume doesn't mean you can't put it on your cat or your iguana or your tiny horse. While most cats hate being dressed up, some love it, as long as they can sleep comfortably. Buy one of our pet costumes and dress your pet up, then send us a picture and we'll post it to our facebook page -


Every Superhero needs a sidekick

Even you! Well, you may not be a superhero, but that doesn't mean you can't dress up and run around saving the day. That kind of thing is always more fun with a friend; why not make it your best friend? Dogs love running around and you'll love your dog in lederhosen.

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