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.5 Liter

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Portable + Notable = Potable?

These 0.5 Liter Beer Boots are small enough to take anywhere and we promise you'll be the life of the next party you attend if you take yours with you. People always want to talk to the Herr or Frau who is drinking from a glass boot. One piece of advice: don't be afraid to share. These are glass boots people, they are made to be refilled!


Is there a time when a 1 Liter is too much beer?

Never! But sometimes you need two 0.5 liter boots, one for each hand, to make sure that you can drink your beer fast enough ;) You've got 2 hands and 2 feet, consider our selection of 0.5 Liter Beer Boots shoes for your hands and never leave home without them. Just don't try driving with your hand boots on.


Can I Personalize my boot?

Unfortunately we do not offer engraving services. However, just because we do not offer engraving doesn't mean that your local trophy or hardware shop won't be happy to do it for you!

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