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  1. Grey German Alpine Hat

    Grey German Alpine Hat

    Product ID: DUTC1000-C

    Complete your German costume this Oktoberfest season with the grey alpine hat!

    Medium: 22 inches Diameter

    Large: 22.5 inches Diameter

    X-Large: 23 inches Diameter

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  2. Red Deluxe Bavarian Wool Alpine Hat
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  3. Child Harvest Floral Garland

    Child Harvest Floral Garland

    Product ID: G105

  4. Child Edelweiss Garland

    Child Edelweiss Garland

    Product ID: G107

  5. Oktoberfest Stein Party Hat

    Oktoberfest Stein Party Hat

    Product ID: H725

  6. Grey Austrian Wool Hat

    Grey Austrian Wool Hat

    Product ID: H90X-C

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  7. Adult Harvest Floral Garland

    Adult Harvest Floral Garland

    Product ID: G106

  8. Green Austrian Wool Hat

    Green Austrian Wool Hat

    Product ID: H91X-C

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  9. Oktoberfest Felt Hillbilly Party Hat w Bavarian Stein

    Oktoberfest Felt Hillbilly Party Hat w Bavarian Stein

    Product ID: H643

    Dress up this Oktoberfest season with this fun Oktoberfest hillbilly hat! This unique and fun hat is sure to be a hit at your next Oktoberfest celebration. This German party hat features a blue and white rope and a German beer stein and other flair!
  10. Adult Edelweiss Garland

    Adult Edelweiss Garland

    Product ID: G108


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Showing 10 products

Don't forget a German apline hat

No Oktoberfest attire is complete without an alpine hat. With our wide selection of Bavarian alpine hats, you'll find the perfect hat to compliment any Oktoberfest outfit. Whether you need an alpine hat to go along with your authentic lederhosen or are just looking for a cheap plastic hat to give the guests at your next Oktoberfest party, you'll find exactly what you need right here!


We have them all

From traditional German alpine hats to modern ball caps, we have the hat for you. We stock a variety of Oktoberfest and brewery themed baseball hats from a variety of German breweries.


It's not a party without a German party hat

Looking to add more fun to your Oktoberfest party? Celebrate Oktoberfest with these unique and fun party hats. Stand out from the crowd and get the party started with these great festive party hats. From the more traditional styles to the more humorous, you are sure to find the right hat for your next Oktoberfest party!

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