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How to Decorate for an Oktoberfest Party


How to decorate for an Oktoberfest Party

Decorating for an Oktoberfest party doesn't have to be a challenging and time consuming activity. With our vast selection of Oktoberfest Party Decorations and Oktoberfest know-how, we've decided to put together a simple guide focusing on the basics of how to decorate for an Oktoberfest party. Whether you're throwing an Oktoberfest themed party indoors, outdoors, or at the office, we have everything you need. Let's explore the basics of Oktoberfest party decor.


Oktoberfest Colors:
The flag of the German State of Bavaria is made of of the colors light blue and white in a check pattern. Since Oktoberfest originates in Munich, Bavaria, blue and white have become the official colors of Oktoberfest. Of course, to change things up a bit you can decorate in black, red, and yellow, the colors of the German flag.

Exterior Oktoberfest decorations:
It's important to officially welcome your guests to the party before they even arrive. Add a yard sign to let your guests know exactly where the party is at. Also, consider adding a large Oktoberfest banner to direct your guests to the party.

Interior Oktoberfest decorations:
This is the most important part of decorating for your Oktoberfest party. Your goal should be to create your own version of the beer tents at Oktoberfest Munich. Each tent has it's own unique styling and decor, so get creative and make your party your own. When decorating, start with the ceiling. Add hanging decorations and garland coming down from the ceiling running the entire length of the space. Next, decorate the walls. Pick several Oktoberfest cutouts to hang on the wall. Rotate between cutouts of steins, German food, biergarten signs, and Oktoberfest people.


Oktoberfest table decorations:
Decorating your biergarten table can be very easy. Once you have laid out your tables in long rows, matching the layout of the Oktoberfest Beer Tents, line each table with a blue and white check table cover. Not only does this add to the decoration of the room but also protects your tables from any spilled beer or food. In the middle of each table, or evenly spaced on longer tables, add an Oktoberfest centerpiece. You can choose the colors of the German flag to mix things up if you like. For the tableware, don't forget the cups, napkins, and plates!

What food to serve at your Oktoberfest Party

Huge baskets of soft pretzels are circulated at Oktoberfest Munich by Brotfrauen. Soft pretzels make a fun and easy snack to serve with German beer. Provide bowls of tangy German mustard for dipping. There are plenty of types, such as Bavarian sweet mustard or sharp, pungent Dusseldorf mustard to choose from, so make sure you lay out a variety.

Another simple snack for an Oktoberfest gathering is Currywurst. Grill a Bratwurst-style sausage and cut it into pieces. Then warm a little German curry ketchup - look for genuine German brands such as Hela, Zeisner or Burkhardt - and pour it over the sausage pieces. Sprinkle with curry powder and serve with a genuine German bread roll. You can get some great Bratwurst sausages from our partners at

Other appetizers to offer guests are Beer-Marinated Bratwurst Sausages, Hot and Crusty Frankfurter Rolls, or Sauerkraut and Salami Pizza. All these recipes are quick and simple to make and are found at's Oktoberfest recipe page. You can also put together a selection of German cheeses, whole grain breads, mustards and pickles and put out bowls of hard pretzels and prepare a tray of German cookies and candies.