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The smell of Christmas

Your traditional German Incense Smoker is perfect, now all you need are the incense cones to make it work. Well, you've come to the right place. Our authentic German incense cones are imported directly from Germany and with more than 15 scent options, you have your pick of the smell that most reminds you of Christmas.


Memories of childhood

All of us have had an experience where fragrance brings back a memory of a special moment. Often a long forgotten event hidden away in some unreachable corner of our brain, these nostalgic moments are truly heart warming. For families that have a tradition of burning Christmas Incense, this experience occurs each and every Christmas.


Make your Christmas a memorable one

The smell of baked goods wafting through the air, the scent of pine needles filling your nostrils, the special fragrance of honey ham fresh from the oven, the drifting smell of a hot cup of cocoa or coffee on a winter's day: these are all common occurrences around Christmas time that inspire wonderful memories and feelings. It is the same with our Christmas Incense Cones, buy some today and make them a part of your Christmas tradition.

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