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  1. Biergarten Street Sign Magnet

    Biergarten Street Sign Magnet

    Product ID: 73228

    Show your festive spirit by placing the Biergarten Street Sign Magnet out on display so that your friends and family can enjoy your festive spirit.

    Was: $11.95 (33% savings)

  2. Oktoberfest Street Sign Magnet

    Oktoberfest Street Sign Magnet

    Product ID: 73241

    You can show everyone how festive you are when you rename your home with this blue and white Oktoberfest Street Sign Magnet, measuring 3.25 x .75 inches.

    Was: $11.95 (33% savings)

  3. Hofbrauhaus Munchen Oktoberfest Magnet

    Hofbrauhaus Munchen Oktoberfest Magnet

    Product ID: HBA-OKT10-04M

    Pick up your classic Hofbrauhaus items here!

    Was: $2.95 (34% savings)

  4. Munchen City Sign Magnet

    Munchen City Sign Magnet

    Product ID: 37002

    Munchen City Sign Magnet uses real German spelling and European style. Measures approximately 2.5" by 1.5"

    Was: $15.95 (31% savings)

  5. Munchen Street Sign Magnet

    Munchen Street Sign Magnet

    Product ID: 73234

    One business day shipping available on Munchen Street Sign Magnet This Munich street sign magnet uses the real german spelling and makes a great party gift It is perfect for showing your German heritage and celebrating Oktoberfest

    Was: $11.95 (33% savings)

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Showing 5 products

A Grouchy German is a Sour Kraut!

Our selection of magnets are a playful way to keep your German pride and love for Okotberfest ever present in your home. Stick one of our magnet tiles on your fridge and you'll always be reminded to: "Kiss the cook, She's German!" or that "It's tough being German, but somebody's got to do it!"



Want to let people know where your party is or remind them that they are standing in a Biergarten? Buy one of our magnets and slap it on anything metallic. Who needs tape or glue when you've got Oktoberfest magnets!

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