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Men's Costumes

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  1. Bavarian Guy Costume

    Bavarian Guy Costume

    Product ID: IC11005

    The Bavarian Guy costume is the best selling all in one lederhosen costume for Oktoberfest.
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  2. Oktoberfest Guy Lederhosen Costume

    Oktoberfest Guy Lederhosen Costume

    Product ID: IC1038

    This deluxe ultra-suede lederhosen costume is perfect for Oktoberfest. It is the most authentic looking and complete lederhosen costume available. Just add a German beer stein for an authentic Oktoberfest outfit sure to impress your damen.
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  3. Bavarian Guy Plus Size Costume

    Bavarian Guy Plus Size Costume

    Product ID: IC15009

    The Bavarian Guy Adult Plus Size Costume is perfect for Oktoberfest or German parties. Add a Stein and you are ready to Polka! The Bavarian Guy costume is available in men's 2XL and 3XL plus sizes.
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  4. Brown Hansel Lederhosen Costume

    Brown Hansel Lederhosen Costume

    Product ID: FN62835

    Look the part this Oktoberfest with this brown Hansel lederhosen costume! Costume includes hat, shirt and lederhosen. 100% polyester
  5. Miss Oktoberbreast Humorous Plus Size Costume

    Miss Oktoberbreast Humorous Plus Size Costume

    Product ID: FW130655

    Miss Oktoberbreast Humorous Adult Plus Size Costume
  6. Miss Oktoberbreast Humorous Costume

    Miss Oktoberbreast Humorous Costume

    Product ID: FW130654

    Miss Oktoberbreast is ready for beer drinking this Oktoberfest season. This humorous Costume will make you the life of the party. Working beer tap breasts never hurt anything.
  7. Bavarian Yodeler Lederhosen Costume

    Bavarian Yodeler Lederhosen Costume

    Product ID: 76X144

    Dress in style for Oktoberfest! With the Bavarian Yodeler lederhosen costume, you will look like you belong at your next Oktoberfest party!
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  8. Lager Lass costume

    Lager Lass costume

    Product ID: M6139

    The Lager Lass Costume by Coquette is a cute 2 piece dirndl costume that includes a 2 piece dress and daisy choker. Sure to impress the men at Oktoberfest, this costume is perfect for any beer maiden this Halloween.
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  9. Happy Oktoberfest Beer Mug Costume

    Happy Oktoberfest Beer Mug Costume

    Product ID: FN65774

    This Oktoberfest Beer Mug Costume is overflowing with fun! This unisex costume fits most. Made from 100% polyester.
  10. Beer Guy Lederhosen Costume

    Beer Guy Lederhosen Costume

    Product ID: M6505

    This 4 piece Beer Guy lederhosen costume by Coquette includes a lycra shirt with button detail, velvet shorts with attached suspenders, socks, and hat. Pair with the matching beer girl costume for a great German themed couples costume.
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Showing 1-10 of 15 products

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History of Lederhosen

Lederhosen used to be worn for physical labor because of their durability.  Basically a pair of leather shorts with attached suspenders, Lederhosen are mostly worn today as leisurewear.  At Oktoberfest they are the standard and they are a must for any Oktoberfest enthusiast planning a trip to the festival in Munich.

A must-have for Oktoberfest

Lederhosen is a must for any serious Oktoberfest-er. We stock a wide variety of costume lederhosen, a convenient alternative to authentic lederhosen. Don't be the only guy at Oktoberfest without lederhosen!


Something for everyone
Not everyone wants to invest in a pair of Authentic Lederhosen.  For everyone else we have a wide variety of Oktoberfest costumes; our most popular costume, InCharacter's Bavarian Guy, is an affordable option that supplies you with everything you need - Lederhosen, matching suspenders, a matching hat, knee length socks and a white pullover shirt.  Use it to dress up for your next Oktoberfest party!

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