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Party & Decor

What is an Oktoberfest party without the right decorations, decor and supplies? NOTHING! Do you want your Oktoberfest party to be the one each and every Frau and Franz is talking about? Find all of the German Oktoberfest party decorations and supplies you need for an authentic party experience right here and make your party truly fantastisch.

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  1. beer stein baby bottle

    Oktoberfest Beer Stein Baby Bottle

    Product ID: NK-2010

    This Oktoberfest, BPA-free, "beer stein" plastic baby bottle looks like a miniature version of the classic dimpled German liter mug. It's meant for babies older than 6 months to enjoy their favorite fruit juice or milk. Available in Blue, Pink or Red.
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  2. Blue Hairy Oktoberfest Headband

    Blue Hairy Oktoberfest Headband

    Product ID: 60277-B

    Blue Hairy Headband is a unique accessory that will bring a smile to all those who lay eyes on you. The headband is made of knitted material that will stretch slightly allowing it to fit most head size.
  3. Oktoberfest Party Lanyard

    Oktoberfest Party Lanyard

    Product ID: LANYARD-C

    Go hands free to your next Oktoberfest party. Prost!
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