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Party Favors

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  1. Blue Oktoberfest Party Beads With Bottle Opener

    Blue Oktoberfest Party Beads With Bottle Opener

    Product ID: 54651-B

    This Blue Beads with Blue Bottle Opener is the perfect party accessory to wear to a Oktoberfest party. The blue bottle opener is attached to a strand of round blue beads.
  2. beer stein baby bottle

    Oktoberfest Beer Stein Baby Bottle

    Product ID: NK-2010

    This Oktoberfest, BPA-free, "beer stein" plastic baby bottle looks like a miniature version of the classic dimpled German liter mug. It's meant for babies older than 6 months to enjoy their favorite fruit juice or milk. Available in Blue, Pink or Red.
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  3. Hofbrauhaus Munchen Oktoberfest Pin

    Hofbrauhaus Munchen Oktoberfest Pin

    Product ID: HBA-OKT10-03P

    Pick up your classic Hofbrauhaus Oktoberfest Pin!
  4. Paare Party Kit

    Paare Party Kit

    Product ID: paare

    Our paare party kit is perfect for your Oktoberfest party. Designed for a party of 12, this would be perfect for a couples party, bar hopping, etc. Buy the whole kit for only $80.

    Starting at: $2.95

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Showing 4 products


Welcome guests to your Oktoberfest party with a fun party favor. Improve your party's atmosphere by distributing Oktoberfest party buttons, glasses, or suspenders to guests that fail to arrive in lederhosen.


Party Favors are the Best

As a kid, the best part of friend's birthday parties was the little baggie of party favors that parents handed out. What happened to that? Why don't we do that nowadays? The answer is that we do, At Oktoberfest parties! Nothing will make your guests happier than receiving a baggie of Oktoberfest party favors upon arrival at your party. Give them something to remember you by!

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