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  1. Lace Trimmed Petticoat White

    Lace Trimmed Petticoat White

    Product ID: LA8999

    The Leg Avenue lace trimmed petticoat compliments any of the German beer girl costumes. Shop our line of petticoat costume accessories.
  2. Double Layer White Petticoat with Trim

    Double Layer White Petticoat with Trim

    Product ID: R1600

    This Double Layer White Petticoat with Solid Trim is the perfect addition to a dirndl, beer garden girl or any other traditional German costume. Petticoat is made of 100% polyester and one size fits most.

    Was: $23.95 (37% savings)

  3. Teardrop Lace Petticoat

    Teardrop Lace Petticoat

    Product ID: LA8999S

    Add a little glamour to your dirndl with this lace teardrop petticoat! Single layer white lace petticoat adds flirty style to any Oktoberfest German Beer Girl costume!
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Showing 3 products

Don't make the mistake of forgetting a petticoat

Many people think petticoats are unnecessary or just forget to buy one and then when they are dressing for their event they realize that something is missing. Well, let us save you some time: you're missing the petticoat!


You've got options

Fluffy or thin, lacy or puffy, see through or solid. When buying a petticoat you've got options. Are you going for the sexy look? Or are you trying to accent your dress or skirt with a 2nd color? Will you be wearing tights or knee high socks? Or will your legs be bare? These are all good questions to ask when selecting a petticoat from our collection for your Oktoberfest party. Our advice: take your time, look at the pictures and choose the petticoat that looks cutest to you. Your friends will all be glad you bought a petticoat for your dirndl. Really, there is no reason not to.


Two quotes about petticoats:

"A Dress is a Dress is a Dress, And a skirt with a petticoat under it looks better than a dress." - Frau Oktoberfest (not a real person)

"Just because I'm not real, doesn't mean I'm not right." - Frau Oktoberfest

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