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Pilsner Glasses

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Want to zest up your party?


Add pilsner glasses to your party list of “must haves.” They're slender, oversized and have narrow base contours that provide a comfortable hold. These beverage glasses are designed to showcase the color, bubbles and clarity of pilsner and to maintain beer heads. Their thick glass bases add great stability.


Get personal


Whether or not you want to give it as a gift, or just want to add a little more character to your own Pilsner glass, the Pilsner glass with the pewter badge, is a great touch to your glassware collection. The more the merrier


Looking to add a personal touch to a party?


The Pilsner glasses can be sold individually, or in a group of 6. Show your guests some love with a German Pilsner glass at the end of the night!

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