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Showing 73-96 of 135 products

The Schneider cuckoo clock story begins in a farmhouse in Schonach, Germany in the year 1848, the year that Anton Schneider began production of his first Schneider clocks. For over 160 years, the Schneider clock family, now in the 6th generation, has continued the rich tradition of crafting the finest cuckoo clocks.


Experience for yourself the fine details and intricacies of each Schneider clock. Each Schneider cuckoo clock maintains the old-world craftsmanship, with each clock hand carved by the highest skilled woodcarvers in the Black Forest region.


Schneider cuckoo clocks are available in many styles to suit your needs. We carry traditional 8-day and 1-day cuckoo clocks. For easier maintenance, we also carry Schneider quartz clocks, also known as battery-operated clocks.


Our Schneider cuckoo clock selection includes chalet cuckoo clocks, hunters cuckoo clocks, owl cuckoo clocks, deer cuckoo clocks, black forest cuckoo clocks, and many more styles of Schneider clock.


The Schneider family has been making Schneider cuckoo clocks for 6 generations. These cuckoo clocks are so well made, they are handed down from generation to generation. Add to your Schneider clock collection today.

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