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Women's Costumes

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  1. Swiss Miss Oktoberfest Costume

    Swiss Miss Oktoberfest Costume

    Product ID: R1450

    Show up to the party in classic Oktoberfest style! This 4 piece Swiss Miss costume includes top, skirt, lace up waist cincher and head scarf. This Oktoberfest costume by Roma is perfect for those looking for a more traditional and conservative German look.
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  2. Bavarian Bar Maid Oktoberfest Costume

    Bavarian Bar Maid Oktoberfest Costume

    Product ID: CC01135

    Wear this Bavarian bar maid costume to your next Oktoberfest party!Serve or enjoy beer in German style while dressed as a flirtatious Bavarian Bar Maid. The Bavarian Bar Maid Costume looks stunning with its sweetheart neckline, skirt with ribbon trimmings and lace-up faux corset. Wear your hair in braids, add stockings and heels to complete the look.
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  3. Fraulein Sweetheart Oktoberfest Costume

    Fraulein Sweetheart Oktoberfest Costume

    Product ID: R4201

    Dress up for Oktoberfest with the Fraulein Sweetheart Dirndl costume. Includes high-rise dress with applique detail, apron, and white top.
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  4. Hoffbrau Honey Oktoberfest Beer Girl Costume

    Hoffbrau Honey Oktoberfest Beer Girl Costume

    Product ID: R1414

    This Hofbrau Honey German Fraulein costume will be sure to grab attention! Costume includes the corset style lace up mini dress. Dress is made of stretchy spandex. Petticoat and stockings not included.
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Something for everyone

A German beer girl costume is the only way to dress for an Oktoberfest party! We carry the widest range of women's Oktoberfest dirndl costumes available online with everything from sexy Gretchen to St. Pauli girl costume style costumes to more traditional and conservative beer wench and beer maiden costumes. With so many women's German costume styles, you are sure to find the perfect dirndl for any occasion.


A must have from Munich to Montana

Dressing up is all part of the fun at the Oktobefest festival in Munich and you shouldn't have an Oktoberfest party in the states without some kind of costume. Our selection provides something for everyone; from sexy beer girl costumes to ankle length dirndls to authentic hand stitched Wiesnkonig brand dirndls, you've got your pick.


Not all dirndl costumes have a short skirt

Many people love the look of a short skirt with a petticoat and stockings, but that look isn't for everyone.  We have a nice selection of ankle high dresses and dresses that cover your shoulders.  Check out the Swiss Miss or the Tavern Wench costumes, they are a great place to start.  The Alps Away Costume is another good option and so is the Tavern Maiden costume.  If none of those works for you, then check in with the Alpine Lady costume.  We understand that selecting a costume can be a difficult process and we're her to help.  If you need help choosing one, please give us a call or e-mail us: 877-577-2801 -

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