Oktoberfest Beerwagon Rustic Zoller & Born 1.1L German Beer Stein

SKU: U- 1915-9013

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This finely crafted German beer stein with the primary theme of draft horses pulling a beer wagon features one of Oktoberfest's most loved iconic traditions. The beer stein is also adorned with a beautiful ornamental metal lid of draft horses pulling a beer wagon. Made of the finest materials extracted from the renowned Westerwald region of Germany by the world famous Zoller & Born factory.

  • Made In Germany

  • Approximate Dimensions (Length x Height x Width): 6.5 X 4.5 X 10 Inches

  • Approximate Volume: 1.1 Liters

  • Oktoberfest Beer Wagon Ornamental Metal Lid

  • Approximate Dimension for Mouth of Stein- 2.75"

  • Material Type: Ceramic

  • Ceramic Finish- Porous Ceramic Finish

  • Oktoberfest Beer Wagon

  • German Name-Bierkrug Oktoberfest Bierwagen mit Tanzendes Paar und Edelweiss.

  • Handpainted Colorful Motif

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