Natural Color Wooden Clogs Made in Holland


Size: 12cm
$ 23.49


Fine crafted wooden shoe clogs available in a variety of sizes and styles. These rounded toe clogs are made of the light weight durable high quality poplar wood and have been used since the Dark Ages by farmers, gardeners and dairymen to name a few. Wooden shoes keep ones feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These high quality wooden shoes have many different uses some of which are for wearing, painting ones own artwork on the surface, flower pots, etc. Many have been pleased with the excellent arch support that wooden shoes provide not to mention their longevity and ease of slipping on and off. To extend the life of the shoe even further, a piece of rubber can be attached to the soles of the shoe to reduce wear and tear. Please note that due to the nature of the product, the grain of the wood varies in appearance, and if you decide to use the shoes for wearing please review our return policy prior to purchasing since we don't guarantee the purchase of wooden shoes aside from defects. Sizing Tips: 1. Trace both feet on a piece(s) of paper. 2. Measure the outline of the largest foot (if this applies) from heel to toe. 3. Add approximately one centimeter to this measurement for comfort. 4. Use resulting centimeter measurement to select wooden shoe size (shoe size which is shown in centimeters/European Shoe size).
  • Approximate Dimensions: Refer to chart
  • Material Type: Wood

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