Tips on How to Measure your Head for Choosing Your German Hat
Hats are a must-have accessory, especially if you want to “top off” your Oktoberfest costume or German costume.

There are many styles, types and designs of hats to choose from.  There is mens and women's hat sizes, flex fit hat size and fitted hat sizes. Heads come in different sizes and a wide variety of shapes. However, no matter what type of German fedora hat style you choose or the kind of head you have, you can find a  hat size that is a good fit! This is why learning how to measure your head is so important. Measuring your head size does not require a professional.  Rather, it just requires the right method and giving attention to detail. 

Here are a few quick tips that you should know before ordering your fedora hat or German wool hat:

 Two popular methods to calculate your head size for hat sizing

The Measuring Tape Method

Using a measuring tape (make sure to use a sewing tape measure), wrap it around your head, just above the ears and over the your eyebrows in the middle of the forehead and measure the resulting length which will give you your exact head circumference. Do not tighten the measuring tape too much. You need to place your measuring tape on your head exactly where you would like the hat to sit on your head. If your measurement falls between sizes, choose the next largest size.

How to Measure your head for a German Hat

The Ribbon/String Method

With a ribbon or string, wrap it around the back of your head approximately 1/8" above your ears. Meet the two ends, at the center of your forehead. The ribbon/string should be comfortably wrapped around your forehead, not too tight and not too loose and take note where the ribbon meets. Take the ribbon/string from your head and lay it on a ruler to measure the distance. Again, if you find yourself in-between sizes, it’s typically better to choose the next largest size.

Better a little too big - than too small

Due to use, sweat and humidity, hats can shrink over time.  This is especially true for wool hats. If your hat is too tight it can give you headaches or an unpleasant tension. So don’t worry if your hat is a little bit too big. You can always make it smaller simply by inserting a thin strip of foam, cloth or a similar material hidden under the sweatband.

Check the chart

There are different types of fitted hat sizes that are used. Fitted hats use specific sizes like 7 or 7 1/8. General hat sizes or flex fit hat sizes use words Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

There’s no perfect science when choosing the right hat size. Manufacturer, temperature, hat material or even your hairstyle can affect the fit of a hat. The chart we provide is a helpful guide and an approximation of size and is subject to slight variation. We cannot guarantee that by following these instructions you will find the perfect fit, but it should greatly help.

Get really fancy

You can always have the best hat of the party by transforming within seconds any plain hat into a fashion icon with one of our German hat feather, Gamsbart brushes and German hat pins.

Make any Hat Fancy with a Hat Feather Pin

We've got you covered! 

With our extensive selection of unique fedora hats, we want you to find the perfect German wool hat or fedora hat not only for an Oktoberfest or Bavarian party, but as an everyday hat that can be worn on any occasion.

So don’t worry about sipping beer from a German beer stein with a pretzel in hand at your friend's party – unlike your waist, your hat size will stay the same for the years to come!




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