Beer Gardens and Beer Garden Furniture. The Ins and Outs!

Beer Gardens and Beer Garden Furniture

If you want to achieve the perfect beer garden, or biergarten in German, then choosing the right beer garden furniture is important. Get ready to jot down some notes. We have plenty of information and suggestions for you to consider when choosing how to design your very own beer garden using the best beer garden furniture.

What Is a Beer Garden?               

Perhaps you are new to the beer garden concept. Beer gardens are outdoor areas designed for beer lovers. But these gardens are not only for beer. Other drinks and lots of food are served here as well. If beer is not the emphasis, beer gardens can be family friend. Beer gardens originated in southern Germany, also known as Bavaria, and are the most prominent in this part of the country. The concept of beer gardens has been exported around the world with various adaptions and varieties based on geographic region.

Traditionally, beer gardens are connected to pubs or restaurants. For example, they may serve as an outdoor seating area outside of a restaurant where patrons may wait for a table indoors (much like an indoor bar in American restaurants)—or diners may choose a more casual dining experience at the restaurant by opting to eat their meal in the beer garden. Either way, beer gardens provide an open space with lots of fresh air to create an ease and casual place to enjoy great beer and conversation.


How Can I Create My Own Beer Garden?

Beer gardens are traditionally used for multiple customers at commercial establishments or at celebrations and other public events. However, you can make your own version of a beer garden at home or for a number of other personal uses. Here are a few ideas for how you can create and use your very own beer garden:
  1. Your Patio or Deck
Turn your patio or deck into a customized beer garden. You will probably only need one table and enough chairs to accommodate your close friends and neighbors for those summer and autumn evenings when you just want to relax, unwind, and enjoy the outdoors with a great tasting beer. Choose comfortable furniture, including chairs with extra support for extended conversations late into the evening. Be sure to measure your patio or deck so you are certain your furniture will fit appropriately with enough space to move around. We would suggest purchasing a high quality grill that looks great to accompany your beer garden furniture, because you will probably be doing a lot more outdoor cooking in your new beer garden. Add some plants, including shrubs, greens, and flowers, to bring in some natural elements.
  1. Wedding Receptions

If designed appropriately, beer gardens can be great accommodations for wedding receptions. Choose an ideal outdoor setting with outdoor tables and chairs, including umbrellas for the tables for receptions taking place during sunlight hours. Add traditional wedding elements to the tables, including decorative centerpieces on the table such as candles, flowers, and festive lights. For a simpler effect, dress down tables and include only the essentials—but emphasize bright, simple colors. To dress up the tables, add more elegant elements such as high quality linens. And remember: Beer gardens are not just for beer. Serve a variety of other drinks, including wines and champagnes. Beer gardens can take on a range of qualities and characteristics, so customize your very own beer garden to create the perfect wedding reception. And don’t forget the music—we recommend a live band or orchestra.


  1. Groom’s Dinner
If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional groom’s dinner, lighten up the mood with a beer-garden groom’s dinner. Serve the groom’s favorite foods, beers, and other drinks.
  1. Open House
If you're holding an open house to celebrate a recent accomplishment, such as college graduation or return from deployment, consider a beer garden for your guests. Be sure to order enough tables and chairs to accommodate all of the friends and family you expect to appear at the event. Break out the grill and serve lots of great foods with a wide selection of beers and other beverages. Be sure to choose a spot with plenty of shade on those hot summer days—or purchase a large outdoor cooling system to keep the crowd comfortable.
  1. Family Reunions

Are you planning a family reunion in the near future? Consider a beer garden to add a lively mood and to keep the atmosphere casual. Just be sure you have plenty of furniture to accommodate everyone who will be showing up—and choose family-themed decorations and accessories to add to your tables and chairs for a personalized touch for the family.


What Beer Garden Furniture Should I Choose?

Choose beer garden furniture that is durable and high in quality. If you plan on keeping the beer garden around for a long time, it is important


to choose furniture that will last through all of the outdoor wear and tear that weather and other natural elements may cause. If you are purchasing furniture for a larger beer garden that you make break out now and then for different celebrations, choose furniture that matches and that can be easily cleaned from one use to the next. If you are making a small beer garden for the deck or patio, choose furniture that accommodates the style of your home. We recommend browsing the wide selection of beer garden furniture on We offer a range of options to suit your needs.


What Else Do I Need for My Beer Garden?

In addition to beer garden furniture, choose some great beer glasses, beer steins, or beer mugs. Choose dinnerware to use for your beer garden—and remember the importance of a high-quality grill for those cookouts. Remember to have plenty of plants to keep your beer garden fresh and inviting, and choose lamps or lanterns for dusk and nightfall to create a warm ambience. Most of all, enjoy your new beer garden. Put up your feet, unwind, and let your mind and body relax in your new favorite place.

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