Drinking from a beer boot is much harder than it looks, but easy to master with a little practice. That being said, you should heed our warning: beer boots are a messy task and not for the faint at heart. You’ve been warned.

However, if you master the task, you will find yourself in a prestigious league of beer champions (also known as Germans) who how to drink from a beer boot. Read on to learn the secret tip in overcoming the beer boot challenge.

Challenge 1: The Size

First of all, beer boots are huge and they hold a ton of beer…okay, maybe not a metric ton, but they hold more than you’re used to. Beer boots sold at OktoberfestHaus can hold up to 3 liters of beer in one boot! That’s the equivalent of 100 ounces (for the mathematically lazy, that’s five bottles or eight and a half cans). The beer boot makes every chug you’ve ever had to do look like child’s play.



Man up. No advice can make 100 ounces of beer less than 100 ounces of beer. Be like Nike. Just do it.



Challenge 2: The Shape

More importantly, it’s not the size of the beer boot that drenches your shirt and makes you cough. It’s the shape of the boot. Unlike a regular glass or bottle, the boot has a toe. That should have been obvious.

The problem with the toe is this: as you drink the boot, the air bubble gets bigger as there’s less beer left to drink. Once the empty space hits the foot of the foot, the bubble rushes into the toe and pushes out all the beer that was inside the foot a second ago. This causes a tidal wave effect as all the foot’s beer is literally pushed into your face. Ever have a beer flood pushed in your face? It’s not as fun as it sounds. It usually ends up on the floor before it ends up in your mouth.

Getting splashed in the face by the beer boot is a rookie mistake that invites laughter, a demeaning nickname for the rest of the night, and disqualification from many drinking games. Don’t be the person who can’t hang. The solution is below.

Solution: How to Drink from a Beer Boot. SOLVED.

There’s a trick of classic finesse that you must use to avoid getting beer splashed in your face. When drinking the boot, you’ll start with the foot angled straight out (pointing directly away from you). As you’re drinking, slowly rotate the boot to one side so the foot points at a 90-degree angle once the air bubble reaches it. When you rotate the boot, you avoid a pressure buildup by slowly letting air flow into the toe. This way, you avoid all of the toe’s beer being released at once…all over your face.

 Image Courtesy of TheOpie’s Flickr Page

Watch our video below to see Sydney from OktoberfestHaus demonstrate how to drink the beer boot. Sydney shows you how to rotate the boot while drinking and lets you see happens when you don’t.

Spoiler: skip to 1:35 to see Sydney get splashed in the face with beer after she fails to rotate the boot accordingly.


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jackicen amdo

jackicen amdo


Eve Mitchell

Eve Mitchell

Thanks for the tip about drinking with the foot pointing straight out. My husband and I are big beer drinkers, and we’ve been looking at buying some wholesale. I’d really like it if we could find a good seller in our area so we don’t have to drive too far. https://www.classicbrandsoh.com

Donna Williams

Donna Williams

It is very simple to drink beer by boot shape. but you should remember some steps before drink beer. keep in mind
The Rules for a Proper Beer Boot Contest

A lot of people have contacted us and asked us for the rules of drinking from a German beer boot, or Das Boot. In case you don’t know any, Germans love rules! With this in mind, rules must be employed when drinking from Das Boot. They are as follows:
1. Das Boot can’t touch the table until it is empty.
2. Once empty, you must flick the glass with you finger before passing the beer boot to the next person. This will bring you good luck.
3. Always hold Das Boot with the toe facing out when drinking. If the toe is pointed in any other direction, you will wear the beer rather than drink it.
4. If you get splashed in the face, you must drink again.
5. The person who drank from Das Boot glass. immediately preceding the person to empty Das Boot must purchase the next fill.
6. If you break rules 2-4, you must drink again.
7. Never clink beer boots glass with other glassware or slam them on the table. They may break – therefore ending the contest.
this are the step you should follow beforte drink beer boot.

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