What to Wear to Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is sneaking up and you need to organize the perfect outfit. It’s so much pressure! Each German tracht costume has many separate pieces! You’ll probably have to go to five different costume shops to find everything you need, right?

Oktoberfest is sneaking up and you need to organize the perfect outfit. It’s so much pressure! Each German tracht costume has many separate pieces! You’ll probably have to go to five different costume shops to find everything you need, right?


With OktoberfestHaus, you get the costume you want in one easy and affordable purchase. Our store is specialized in Oktoberfest-related gear, so we know exactly what you need even if you don’t. Once you put on your festive German apparel, you transform from everyday people to exotic ladies and classically masculine men. Below, we have listed the best outfits to accomplish this magic. The only question is “How would you like to knock em’ dead?”

Women’s Costumes

Serving Wench Adult German Costume Just take a good look around and see how many people you catch admiring you. This is a pretty fun game for anyone wearing the Serving Wench Adult German Costume. In this outfit, you wear the charm and sexiness of the Bavarian women. If you’re using this costume for actual serving duties, prepare to have a very busy shift.

This outfit features:

  • One-piece dress with black vest, blue skirt, white blouse, and lace-up front
  • Polyester material


Leg Avenue Gretchen Costume

Guests will say they’re here for Oktoberfest, but we all know they’re really looking for Leg Avenue. Put on the Leg Avenue Gretchen Costume and give them all what they want. This is one of our top-selling costumes because it does the flirting for you. Be prepared for jealous looks, though. Lots and lots of jealous looks.

This outfit features:

  • Classic top dress with brown vest, green skirt, and pink satin ribbon trim
  • Stockings with matching bows
  • Polyester material

Swiss Miss Oktoberfest Costume

The Swiss Miss Oktoberfest Costume transforms you into an exotic mystery. Your beauty is in subtlety and your elegance comes from upholding the traditional style. Others have to choose between getting attention and dressing conservatively. As Swiss Miss Oktoberfest, you get both.

This outfit features:

  • White blouse with draping long sleeves
  • Long red skirt
  • Matching head scarf
  • Navy lace-up waist clincher

Oktoberfest Girl Deluxe Costume

The Oktoberfest Girl Deluxe Costume is the most high-end tracht we offer. This outfit makes dressing to impress easy as all its pieces are already put together for you. Included in this costume are the following articles:

  • Jacquard ribbon-trimmed full dress with attached apron and lace petticoat
  • Lace-trimmed head scarf
  • Lace-trimmed ankle socks


Beer Maiden Costume

As the Beer Maiden, you flaunt a retro version of the modern sexy maid. This outfit is both chic and tastefully attractive. Wearing this costume, you blend past eras with the present to create your own unique style.

This outfit features:

  • Velveteen dress with lace-up floral trimmed vest
  • White eyelet top with ruffled neck and sleeves
  • Pleather belt suspenders and waist band
  • Decorative neck holder

Alps Away Women’s Costume

In the Alps Away Women’s Costume, you become the iconic country girl who first donned this dress. You’re a monument of the rustic mountain lifestyle and you represent it proudly. Your style is designed for comfort, yet it breathes confidence. That’s all you need from your dress. You’re the original trendsetter while everyone else is a copy. We also offer a male version of this exact outfit if you wish to match a special countryman.

This outfit features:

  • Brown calf-length dirndl dress with white trim
  • Pink checkered shirt attached underneath the dirndl
  • Pink checkered apron to match the shirt

Men’s Costumes

Bavarian Guy Costume The Bavarian Guy Costume is our best-selling outfit for so many good reasons. Everything you need for the prime Bavarian look is included in this package for one insanely affordable price. Look around at all these chumps with their expensive lederhosen. What do they know, right? You found the entire ensemble for a fraction of what they paid for one article of clothing. You’re not just the bargain-shopping king: You’re the Bavarian king.

Included in this package are:

  • Brown lederhosen with attached suspenders
  • Alpine hat
  • White collared shirt (pullover)
  • Matching socks

Oktoberfest Guy Lederhosen Costume You are the icon of vintage manliness as you wear the most complete Bavarian costume anyone can offer. From the detailed suspenders to the jacquard trim shirt, this is the most quality-crafted Oktoberfest outfit available. Looking amazing has never been easier than one purchase.

This outfit features:

  • Suede lederhosen shorts
  • Embroidered vinyl suspenders
  • Pullover shirt with authentic jacquard trim
  • Feathered Alpine hat
  • Matching knee socks.

OppoSuits Bavarian Men’s Suit OppoSuits Bavarian Men’s Suit makes you handsome while still showing your Bavarian spirit. The dashing suit is for the forward-thinking, modern man who likes to stand out of the crowd. If you dress to impress, this is the suave way to do it at Oktoberfest.

This outfit features:

  • Jacket, pants, and tie
  • Slim-fit design for a sharp modern look
  • Blue and white color design based off the official Bavarian flag.
Miss Oktoberbreast Humorous Costume Are you the sick and twisted jokester of your group? Do you live to offend people? Then the Miss Oktoberbreast Humorous Costume was designed specifically for you. This outfit is just as repulsive as it sounds and you’re going to love it. With your busty Bavarian hottie dress and your pair of “beer tap breasts,” you’ll have beer and laughter at any moment you please. This outfit features:
  • Bavarian dress, blouse, and wig
  • Two beer tap breast pumps and a funnel

And So Many More…

There are dozens of completed outfits available at our online OktoberfestHaus store. We also supply separate apparel pieces including dirndls, lederhosen, hats, aprons, wigs, stockings, hats, and more. To get your perfect Oktoberfest costume in one easy purchase, visit our store today!


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