100 Feet of Awesome - Our Plastic Bavarian Check Banquet Roll Table Covers

As we move closer to Oktoberfest season, it’s time for you to start figuring out how you’re going to throw your Oktoberfest party. You have a ton of logistics to think about, including which beer you’re going to serve, how the decorations are going to be organized, if you’re enforcing a Tracht costume rule, and so on. It ain’t easy being Bavarian. No sir.

Oktoberfest Haus is happy to report that we can simplify at least one aspect of your party planning. When it comes to table décor, we literally have you covered with our fresh Bavarian banquet tablecloths. These tablecloths fit into your Bavarian color theme perfectly as they are all designed with the classic blue and white found in the Bavarian flag. Below are a few available Bavarian tablecloths we have available in our online store right now:

Bavarian Check Banquet Roll Table Cover 100 Feet

 It’s not a typo. The Bavarian Check Banquet Roll Table Cloth covers 100 feet of awesome. Do you have any idea how big 100 feet is? It’s huge. The 100-foot tablecloth allows you to combine multiple tables together to make an enormous meal area. Thanks to the Bavarian Check Banquet Roll Table Cover, all these tables will just look like one giant table. This plastic cloth is made of polyvinyl material, which is reusable for any of your future Bavarian celebrations. For one laughably affordable price, you can make ten 10-foot tables into one banquet with the Bavarian Check Banquet Roll Table.

Oktoberfest Bavarian Check Table

Have some tables that are smaller than 100 feet in length? I suppose we can understand that. Not to worry, though. Our Bavarian Check Banquet Roll Table Cover comes in a variety of sizes. Our 54x108 inch can cover any 4 x 9 foot table perfectly. If you are looking for polyester tablecloths, we have a the widest selection of Bavarian Checkered pattern available anywhere!.  We have round tablecloths as well as square and rectangular tablecloths.

Metallic Table Skirting

Prefer flash over tradition? Oktoberfest still has a place for you. With metallic table skirting, you can add some serious flare to your table décor. This skirting can fit around any table 14 feet in circumference. It also measures 30 inches above the ground. The Metallic Table Skirting comes in both blue and silver and is made of shiny plastic material. The skirting is flame retardant and safe for your party!

Oktoberfest Bavarian Check Table Runner

  If you have a nice table that you like showing off, you may not want to cover it entirely with plastic. However, a table is still prime real estate for any party decorations and you should use it. With the Oktoberfest Bavarian Check Table Runner, you can garnish your furniture with a classic ornament while still showing off your table’s good condition.


German Flag Mini Cascading Centerpiece

  Every table needs a good centerpiece to give some symmetry. This Mini German Flag Cascade Centerpiece is our very favorite one. This piece has three rows of black, red, and yellow metallic fringe, shooting upwards like a fountain. It also features German flags gushing out from the first two metallic fringe rows.

Full Selection of German Themed Ceramic Coasters

What better way to top off your table décor than with German themed coasters? Where the Bavarian tablecloth gives your celebration the “party” feel, these add culture and sophistication: a sign that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfesthaus has got you covered when it comes to creative ways to decorate your tables.


And to complete your table décor, choose one of our O'fest bundles!

Deluxe All-in-One Oktoberfest Party Pack Bundle with Bavarian Themed Plastic Deli Tablecloth, Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins, Toothpicks & Banners


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