German Smokers: Our Ten Favorites

The German Rauchermann, commonly known as a “German smoker,” is an incense-burning decoration from the Ore Mountains (the Erzgebirge). These German smokers are wooden figurines usually carved into small men. The upper part of its body is hollowed out so cone incense can be placed inside. The cone incense then burns inside the figurine and the smoke flows out of his mouth (as if the figurine was smoking the incense). Pretty awesome, right?

These little guys have been part of the Ore Mountain Christmas tradition for over 150 years now. Prior to this invention, incense was burned in the open air without any kind of tiny man to pretend he’s smoking it. Boring! Since these are such a traditional part of the German Christmas culture, Oktoberfesthaus went ahead and stocked up. We now have over 250 different smokers. We think they’re a really fun decoration that will go well in any home. Not to mention, incense is the perfect way to add a soothing atmosphere to your home. Here are our ten favorite Rauchermann designs:

1. Steinbach Uncle Sam German Smoker



Showing German heritage pride has never been easier for Americans with the Uncle Sam German Smoker. This 11-inch wooden model will bring some Erzgebirge flavor into our country’s beloved mascot. With his little suitcase, labeled both “Munchen” and “New York”, Uncle Sam shows you how to roll in style when in Germany.

 2. Steinbach Barrister German Smoker



Oh, what’s that? There’s no smoking allowed in the courtroom? See if the Barrister German Smoker cares. The barrister comes complete with his legal book and classical formal attire of an English attorney. Except for one key difference: When the caseload gets heavy and he needs to calm down, this barrister gets down on incense. No wonder he’s so good.

3. KWO Fraternity Man Incense Smoker

The Fraternity Man Incense Smoker is a relic of how a fraternity brother should look. No trendy clothes and raging EDM music are necessary to bring him out. All he wants to do is drink a tall one and smoke some incense in your home. This 7.5 “ figurine is the perfect gift to give to your brothers: because nothing strengthens the bond between siblings like a German fraternity member smoking incense.

4. KWO Siting Story Teller Incense Smoker


Gather around, children, and listen to the stories from this wise old German man. Actually, he’s probably not going to tell you any stories. He’s more likely to just smoke incense all evening. But isn’t that better than a story? Who needs to be entertained with tales from the past when a storyteller is smoking incense in your house? That’s a much better story than he ever could have offered you.

 5. Santa with Music Box

Since the German smoker is technically a Christmas decoration, it only makes sense that we feature a smoking Santa. This small set includes a wooden Santa who’s delivering gifts and playing it suave with his pipe. This set also includes a music box in the disguise of Santa’s table. So not only does Santa burn incense with you, but he’ll keep the music flowing too!

6.Dregeno Nurse Holding Tray German Incense

This smoker offers a twist on the classic design. Instead of having the smoke come from the figurine’s mouth, the nurse is actually holding a tray of medicine, which is where the smoke emits. What kind of medicine emits smoke, you ask? Don’t worry about it: the nurse knows what she’s doing. This is an authentic smoker made in Germany.

7. Chimney Sweep German Incense Smoker

What kind of Oktoberfest vendor would we be if we didn’t sell chimney sweep incense smokers? Chimney sweeps practically breathed smoke for a living. It’s only appropriate that we celebrate this old profession with Germany’s traditional smoke-creating decoration.  This German-made chimney sweep comes with his own ladder, bundle of sticks, and he’s ready for some flames.

8. Happy Shepherd with Sheep German Incense

What a cheerful sight this is! Lo and behold, the happy shepherd is tending to his sheep and he’s in a great mood today! His perpetual smile will always give your room a glow. Plus, the burning incense will ensure that you’re always just as happy and relaxed as the happy shepherd.

 9. Trombone Player German Incense Smoker

Even the trombone player is never too busy to put his music aside to enjoy some incense with you. As a matter of fact, he’ll probably never pick up that old thing again. He’s just having too grand a time with his casual smoke. This authentic item stands 7 inches tall and was handcrafted in a small village in the Erzgebirge.

 10. Ulbricht Incense Smoker Penguin


Thought you’ve seen it all? Well you haven’t. Enter the Penguin Incense Smoker, standing 7 inches tall. This wooden penguin was handcrafted and painted in Germany. He dons a bright yellow scarf, some red and white striped socks, and a red snow cap for the cold weather. In addition, the penguin also has an incense pipe to keep warm. Help this penguin stay warm by brining it home with you.

These were just ten of our hundreds of available German smokers. If you’re in love with these fun figurines, click here to see our entire store!

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