You may not realize it, but buying a cuckoo clock is very serious business. These adorable trinkets give new meaning to your day as each hour is celebrated with your clock’s theatrical “cuckoo” and the moving miniature pieces that go along with it. However, it’s not all fun and games with the cuckoo clock. They are a surprisingly big investment. If you want to get a cuckoo clock, you should be sure that you’re getting an authentic, quality cuckoo clock that’s going to last.

Not everyone can say that they’re cuckoo clock experts, but Oktoberfesthaus can. Our online store holds over 200 expert-crafted cuckoo clocks from Germany, the birthplace of the current cuckoo clock model. If you’re looking to make a well-informed cuckoo clock purchase, look no further than this buying guide.

Where Should My Cuckoo Clock Come From?

First thing is first: You should always buy a cuckoo clock manufactured in the Black Forest region of Germany. The Black Forest has been the industry standard for cuckoo clock manufacturing since the 18th century. The Black Forest takes great pride in having birthed the modern version of cuckoo clocks and their craftsmen work relentlessly to keep the title of cuckoo clock kings. At the Oktoberfesthaus cuckoo clock store, most of our clocks have been imported from the Black Forest region of Germany (it is clearly labeled in each clock’s product description). We make it easy for you to obtain the best of the best as these clocks have already been imported into the United States. Therefore you don’t need to worry about hefty international shipping charges. It’s already here and you receive free shipping for any order over $99!

Carvings and Wood

Quality: Quality wood and craftsmanship are practically a given when you’re getting a clock from the Black Forest. However, it’s a good habit to make sure the wood is quality and the woodcarving is clean with no splinters. One of the most common woods used by Black Forest clockmakers is linden (also known as lime wood). Many clocks sold in our Oktoberfesthaus store, such as the Schneider Deer and Rabbit Cuckoo Clock and the Schneider Beer Drinker Cuckoo Clock, are all made from Black Forest linden wood. Again, if your clock is an authentic certified Black Forest cuckoo clock, you won’t have to worry about researching this.

How Often Will You Need to Wind the Clock?

When you see the terms “8-day” or “1-day” clock on the product specifications, it’s referring to how often you need to rewind the device. With an 8-day clock, you wind it once and it’s good for over a week. For a 1-day clock, you must wind it once per day in order for the chimes to work. Of course, if you wish to bypass the winding motions, you can buy a battery-powered (Quartz) clock that doesn’t maintain any mechanical parts. It all depends on preference. Some people like to let the battery handle the job. Others feel that winding the clock is part of the experience of owning a cuckoo clock (much like turning over the album is part of the experience of owning record player). It’s really your preference as a cuckoo clock owner.

What Does the Chime Sound Like?

Boy, you better make sure that you get a cuckoo clock that makes a pleasant enough noise for you to hear every day. If the clock irritates you even a little bit, it’s a waste of money because you’ll never wind it. Make sure you know how the clock sounds before you go ahead with it. Videos of our Oktoberfesthaus clocks are searchable on YouTube so you can hear the chime before purchasing.

Options for Nighttime Shutoff

Is your clock going to wake you up in the middle of the night every hour? Make sure the clock you’re buying has a silent night mode. Most of the time, 8-day and Quartz clocks will have these. 1-day clocks often don’t. Be aware of that.

Return Policy

When it comes to buying a Black Forest cuckoo clock in the United States, your options can be limited. However, you still want to make sure that you’re receiving a good product. Unlike sellers on eBay, who usually offer a two-week return policy at the very kindest, Oktoberfesthaus offers you a 60-day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your purchase at all. This gives you plenty of time to decide if you’ve ordered the right cuckoo clock. In the rare case that your clock is received defective, we will even pay for the shipping charges to insure you get the product that you wanted.

Buying a cuckoo clock requires you to pay close attention to the fine details. Oktoberfesthaus makes it easy for you to ensure that you’re getting a quality clock, as nearly all of our clocks come from the Black Forest. All you have to do is decide which one fits your home the best…

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