5 Reasons Why You Should Drink From a Beer Stein

5 Reasons Why You Should Drink From a Beer Stein 

Beer is not just a German thing. It is hugely popular and enjoyed by people all around the world. The range of nuances held by beer caters to the tastes of everyone, whether one favors a light lager or a heavy Ur-Bock German stout. There are several ways to enjoy a refreshing German beer, but the hands down traditional way to do so is to sip this classic Beveridge from a real German beer stein. So, roll up your sleeves and dive in with us why drinking beer from a stein is the best way to enjoy this delicious beverage. 

1 – The “Real” German Stein Experience 

To begin with the obvious, drinking beer from an authentic German stein provides a more realistic and traditional drinking experience. Beer steins date back to medieval Germany when they were used to hold and serve beer. The original steins were often constructed of pewter, which was a common metal at the time used for drinking cups. That said, pewter steins were still a luxury item that could only be afforded by the rich. As this drinkware evolved and became more common, steins were later constructed of wood and subsequently made of earthenware or stoneware. Considering this rich history, when one drinks from a beer mug, not only is a tasty beverage being enjoyed, but one is also honoring a rich cultural German heritage. 

2 – Maintaining The Beer Temperature In The Stein

Another advantage of drinking beer from a stein is that it keeps the beverage cooler for extended periods of time. Beer mugs are often made of hardy ceramic stoneware or thick glass, thus insulating the beer and keeps it cooler for longer. This is particularly helpful on a sweltering summer day when keeping the beer cool is a huge plus. When a beer stein is placed in a fridge before serving, this gives added umph to the insulation helping the beer stay cooler for longer. 
In addition to keeping the beer cool, an extra perk of using a beer stein is that it can also improve the taste of the beer. The reason being that the form of a beer stein provides for a greater head on the beer thus aiding in the release of fragrance and taste.  


3 – Drinking with Friends 

Drinking beer from a stein also allows for a smoother pour, contributing to decreased frothing and bubbles in the drinkware. The stein's shape also provides for a nice way cradle the drinkware in one's hand, which makes for a nice way to drink beer in a social setting chatting with friends' German beer stein in hand. If that’s not über cool, what is! 

It’s no secret beer steins come in a gamut of sizes, shapes, and patterns, ranging from petite to huge, basic to complex. Smaller steins are ideal for someone who is just looking to have beer proportional to a 12-ounce bottle of beer, while the larger mugs are ideal for social settings where one might drink a pint of beer. Simple patterns such as a stoneware stein are ideal for daily usage, while ornate embossed or engraved beer stein designs are ideal for special events. Stein patterns often vary from basic geometric forms to elaborate themes from German mythology or hobbies such as hunting or music. These designs often portray historical events, prominent individuals, or even humorous animals. As a result, beer steins are not only utilitarian but also valuable collectibles. 

4 – Beer Stein Made to Last 

The durability of beer steins is another unique characteristic. Simply google the words “antique beer steins” and it is evident steins last and maintain their value. They are mostly made of thick glass or ceramic material, which makes them incredibly durable and resistant to regular wear and tear. This means you can drink your beer without worrying that your mug will shatter or chip that easily. Most stoneware beer steins are dishwasher-safe, making them simple to clean and preserve. For hand painted collectible steins with metal lids, it is better to hand wash to avoid a result where the vibrancy of the stein colors is dulled or become muted.

Castle Festivity Cobalt Blue German Beer Stein with Metal Lid


5- Fun Times!  

Last but not least, drinking beer from a German stein is a great way to enjoy this popular beverage. If you are feeling a bit of weltschmerz, drink a pint of German beer. As discussed, it not only improves the taste of the beer, but it also gives a more genuine and traditional drinking experience, keeps the beer cooler for longer, is a fantastic collectible item, is sturdy and simple to maintain, and is ideal for social settings. What more could you ask from a piece of drinkware? 
Consider drinking your next cold beer from a German beer stein and experience the difference for yourself. 

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I have been drinking a variety of beer for over 40 yrs every thing I drink for thirst has got to be cold or I won’t drink it unless its coffee, ive never thought as beer stiens being more then for decoration ,ccollectibles, yrs ago I bought one of the yearly collective budweiser steins and started drinking my beer from it ,now im hooked ,and it keeps the beer cold .

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