German Hat Pins


German hat pinIf you are getting ready for an Oktoberfest or German party, a German hat pin for men or women is an essential hat accessory to take your German costume and Tirol fedora to the next level. 
Start with buying one Alpine hat pin, then get another and before one knows it, you come to the realization you have become a German hat pin collector! This fun hobby can also be complemented with collecting German beer steins.  If you run out of space on your Bavarian hat – you can get another complementary hat or simply start adding them to your vest or lapel.
German Hat pins 
  Accent German fedoras with a metal or enamel
  vintage hat pin attached to the side of your
  Alpine wool hat or Bavarian Fedora.




Themes of your collection can be places you have visited, hobbies, animals or hunting.  The pins can also have other sentimental meaning or value to the wearer of the German hat. Maybe it’s a small authentic German hat pin found at a flea market in Munich, a souvenir from a summer vacation to Germany or a family heirloom.  

 German hat pins are a great way to express German gemütlichkeit  which is described as a feeling of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer! Additionally hat accessories are a great decoration for your Oktoberfest costume they are sure to be a great conversation starter! 


German Hat Pin

Start today with your German hat pin collection!

Complete your Oktoberfest Bavarian costume by choosing from the most complete range of German fedora hat pins on in North America. Our huge selection includes traditional German vintage hat pins for adults including hat feathers, edelweiss flowers, German beer steins,  hunting hat pins, pretzels, and Oktoberfest decoration collectible hat pins.

  Top off a Bavarian outfit with an authentic Tyrol wool hat complemented with a full variety of German hat accessories.  In case you need a German wool hat fedora, why not consider purchasing one of Oktoberfest Haus’ traditional Bavarian fedora hats to go with your German hat pin and accent your German lederhosen costume when you attend an Oktoberfest or a German party!  The essential German gift for a German dad, father, Opa or German hat pin collector. 





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