Oktoberfest Party Decorations and Tableware

Oktoberfest Essentials - Everything You Need for an Oktoberfest Party!

You still can have the best Oktoberfest party or German party with your family and friends at home in spite of not being able to go in person to Munich Oktoberfest! In addition to German beer steins, party decorations, Oktoberfest party ideas and banners, we have everything that you need, from head to toe, for the perfect OktoberfestThis is why Oktoberfest Haus is known to be ”One-Stop Shopping for all things Oktoberfest.” 

What will you need for your Oktoberfest Costume? 

The Oktoberfest Outfit Dirndl 

Authentic German dirndls are expensive, but they are also the most important part of your Bavarian Oktoberfest costume. Typically a dirndl costume, includes a blouse, dirndl, and a pinafore (apron)It is possible to spend your entire Oktoberfest budget only on the dirndl itselfNicht gut!  



Our solution? Oktobefest Haus's Faux T-shirts are the answer. The entire shirt is imprinted with an Über realistic looking 3-D costume dirndl down to the wrinkles (wrinkle/dimensional effect simulated with darker shading coloring incorporated into the print design)! From close to a distance, your friends will think you have on a real dirndl top. sWe call it an Instant DirndlJust add bier! From far off to close up, your friends will think you have on a real German dirndl topAlles ist gut! 


 The German Oktoberfest Costume Apron 



Next, you will need a German-themed apronPractical and charming best describes this apron. It is a "working" apron that elegantly combines the European style of deluxe rose lace in its designWhat is more, once your Oktoberfest party is over, this apron is high quality and can continue to be used. 


The Oktoberfest Hair Style 


As you mingle with guests under an Oktoberfest banner at the party, attention should be given to one’s hair during an Oktoberfest party. Realistically though, crown braids or milkmaid twists can be just too complicated and frustrating to deal with, especially if your time is limited due to hosting aawesome Oktoberfest German partySo, what to do?  

An easy solution is simply to make a quick updo and match your blue and white Bavarian-inspired dress with a lovely Flower Garland of edelweiss orsummer poppies. It will beautify your hair giving you an instant Bavarian maiden look and Oktoberfest vibeChoose from our garlands made of natural materials or polyesterOne size fit all.  

 Oktoberfest Jewelry Accessories

Women love accessoriesWe’ve got you covered in this area as wellA wonderful way to accent your German look with an authentic touch.  

Add a Silver-Plated Edelweiss EarringsThe edelweiss is an iconic flower to Germans. It is one of the rarest flowers in the Bavarian Alps and only grows at a high altitudeDelicate and beautiful.  

If you choose a Faux Dirndl Shirt without the necklace incorporated into the artwork, you can complement your style with a German-themed Necklace with Pears. It is accented with Alpine Charms and crowned with an ornate silver-plated Edelweiss flowerIf you want something simpler, we have other classy options you can choose from.  Oktoberfest Haus offers the largest selection of German hat pins and traditional Oktoberfest accessories in the USA.

And the Authentic German Bier to Put in Your Beer Stein 

An Oktoberfest celebration is not complete without German beerTo top off your outfit with a German wool hat, don’t forget to get an amazing authentic German beer stein to have in hand as you mingle with your guests.  

With or without lid, this will be the cherry that tops off your German Oktoberfest outfit! Here is a selection of some of our favorite German beer steins just for you! 


Ah, One Last Thing About Oktoberfest Party Decorations...

If you need Oktoberfest decorations, an Oktoberfest Bavarian flag, Oktoberfest party decor, or Oktoberfest table centerpiece options to make your party perfect, we also have it!  

Do you want your Oktoberfest party to be the one that each and every Ursula und Franz will talk about in your villageWhat is an Oktoberfest party without the right German party decorations, Bavarian flag hanging decor, and supplies? NOTHING! Find all the German Oktoberfest party decorations and supplies you need for an authentic German party experience right here and make your party truly fantastisch!

From Oktoberfest paper plates, toothpicks, cups, napkins, and tablecloths, we have everything to make your Oktoberfest party the best party in your neighborhood!  

Oktoberfest Haus is one-stop shopping for all things Oktoberfest! 





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