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Origins of Oktoberfest 


Oktoberfest – meaning literally, "October Party" – is the most famous and widely attended celebration event in Germany, which, ironically, does not actually take place in October. Holding your own Oktoberfest or German beer party is a great way to entertain guests and can be conveniently held in a bar, a community hall, a garage or in the back yard. 


The origins of Oktoberfest traces back to year 1810, when a marriage celebration was held for Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria and Teresa of Saxony and Hildburghausen. A truly memorable German party was held throughout the city of Munich to celebrate this event. 

Although the first Oktoberfest took place, logically, in the month of October, the party was later brought forward to September in its second iteration to take advantage of better weather. Traditionally, Oktoberfest commences on the first Saturday after September 15. 

 LUDVIG german oktoberfest

 Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria 


Set the Mood with Bavarian Colors and Costumes 


To set the scene for your own private Oktoberfest party, remind those who you’ve invited to come dressed in traditional Bavarian costumes. For the gentlemen, Lederhosen consisting of leather shorts and suspenders, accompanied by a jacket and a trachten hat. German wool hats or even just less expensive German felt fedora hat can top things of. For the ladies there is the German Dirndl. This German costume typically features a white blouse and a Bavarian dress with a bodice and apron. Having people milling around at your party in German costumes will definitely give a fun vibe and a sense of authenticity. It’s not necessary to buy an expensive costume. A realistic 3-D faux German t-shirt of a dirndl or lederhosen or just a pair of suspenders can do the trick. 


When it comes to decorating, you can’t go wrong by choosing a blue and white motif which are the colors of the Bavarian flag. Oktoberfest polyester tablecloths or blue and white checkered banners are a good place to start. Table decorations such as flags or napkins can also add to the mood of the party with the lively colors. Complement this with a Spotify playlist of German polka music and have yourself a true Bavarian themed party. 

  realistic 3d faux t shirt

Oktoberfest Costume Lederhosen Realistic Faux Blue Shirt


Everything Revolves Around Bier! 


And now for the fun part, the true protagonist of Oktoberfest is the bier! At the official Oktoberfest event held in Munich each year, the manufacturers of this iconic German effervescent drink are in charge of organizing this massive party year after year. If you want to delight your guests with a wide variety of beers, check out our blog post about the top German beers at Oktoberfest. Get some authentic German beer steins or if your budget is tighter, use stoneware beer mugs which is the classic drinkware of Munich Oktoberfest. Aside from throwing a party, a secondary dimension you can add to your party is by paring beers in steins along with tasty German appetizers or setting up flights of German beer for beer tasting. The Bavarian brand of beer Paulaner is one of the breweries responsible for sponsoring one of the biggest parties in the world. 


The essence of Oktoberfest parties consists of drinking German beer, eating German food such as fresh pretzels, bratwurst, and sour kraut, and dancing. With the COVID-19 pandemic behind us in the rear-view mirror,  Oktoberfest is a great way to let one’s hair down and have an excuse get out of the home routine and daily grind to enjoy a top-notch cultural event. 


An Authentic Bavarian Menu 

Munich is world-renowned for its beers and tankard steins, but not to be forgotten is hearty German cuisine. Round out your party with Bavarian recipes. Consider the well-known sausages, the bratwurst stands out, which can be served with sauerkraut and accompany with pretzels and delicious salty bread loops. You can also serve schweinshaxe, a typical Bavarian roast knuckle meat dish that is traditionally served with mustard and horseradish. For the culinary finale, top off your offering of food with dessert with a tasty the apple strudel, a recipe that dates back to the 16th century! 


If your guests are fans of beer, joyful music, and scrumptious German food, without a doubt your guests will love your proposal to throw an Oktoberfest party!  

oktoberfest beer steins

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