What is a Gamsbart and why you should get one!

A German Gamsbart is a hat accessory found in Southern Germany and Northern Austria. Originally the Gamsbart was worn as a hunting trophy and added to the traditional Tyrolean hat or hunting hat. 

Classic gamsbarts are typically made exclusively from hair found on the chamois’ lower neck.  A chemois is a mountain goat or Gams, that can be found in the mountains of Europe. During winter, the Gams will grow extra-long hair on its neck and down the spine. Traditionally, when a hunter would kill one of these goats, it’s hair would be saved, and bound into a Gamsbart for the hunters hat, making for a striking trophy.


 Gamsbärte are today manufacturedmfrom various animals’ hair or synthetic materials and are made by a specialist called a Bartbinder (beard binder). For those who specialize in this trade making exclusive and high quality authentic German Gamsbart's, it is said that there are approximately 200 of these artisans. It is a trade that requires patience and many hours to create each German gamsbart.  

Now that you know a little bit more about Gamsbarts, when attending your next Oktoberfest Party bear in mind these three details:

  1. The bigger the Gamsbart, the more important the wearer.
  2. The bigger the Gamsbart, the more expensive it is. 
  3. Don’t touch another man’s Gamsbart!

German Hat pin

So, make sure you explore Oktoberfest Haus’ collection and get yourself a unique Gamsbart to take your German Alpine hat to the next level!





My father passed away 2002. I can still see him in his fedora hat , would be a perfect gift for Valentines day. Love from your sweetheart dad miss you.

Walter Reinhardt

Walter Reinhardt

Where can I purchase a “gamsbart”?

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