Peacock & Pheasant Hat Feathers with Edelweiss Medallion Hunter Hat Pin

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A perfect gift for a German! Add a touch of the outdoors to your German hat with this German themed hat pin featuring stunning display of Peacock and Pheasant feathers set in a metal casing with a metal hat pin clasp on the back. The ornate metal casing features a German Edelweiss charm in an antique metal finish. Approximate height is 9.5".
  • REAL FEATHER HAT PIN- There are many hat pins for men and hat pins for women. This one has a charming design and unique flair. A silver plated Edelweiss Pin holds these beautiful hat feathers together giving the final touch to any German Hunter Hat or Fedora.
  • EXQUISITE DESIGN & QUALITY- Authentic bird feathers (subject to natural variation) set in a metal casing with a metal hat pin clasp on the back.
  • BEAUTIFUL COLORS- Both the Peacock feather and the Pheasant feather feature arrays of iridescent blue, green, brown and white colors making this German themed hat pin a great addition to any hat.
  • AN ESSENTIAL ACCESSORY- Complements any Oktoberfest costume hat or German lederhosen costume. Can also be pinned to clothing, bags, hats, sweaters, suits, backpacks, lapels etc.
  • General Product Details | Approximate Dimensions (LxWxH)- 0.25 X 1 X 8 Inches | Material Type- Metal

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