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The Alex Meixner Band returns to “Make Some Noise” with their latest release of dynamic polkas. From the opening strains of “Hey Diand’l” to the bonus tracks of Alex’s Hormel Pepperoni Polka anthems ( made infamous in his tv and online “Pep it Up” ad campaigns)- this collection of tunes is sure to energize the listener and impress with the versatility and virtuosity of Alex and his musical cohorts.

The following YouTube video highlights Alex Meixner's outstanding talent and versatility playing the accordion.

best oktoberfest songs german music by alex meixner

1) Hey Diand’l
2) Baby Say Maybe
3) Leere Bänke Boarsicher
4) Road Dawgz Polka
5) Make Some Noise
6) There’s Only One S in New Braunfels
7) Drink Up, Get Up
8) Lot’s O Shots Polka
9) Ramo Ramo
10) Drei Zweifacher
11) Modrá Kukadla
12) Vatavuk’s Diner Polka
13) Tante Anna
14) Hoe Down
15) I Don’t Want to Say Goodbye

Bonus Tracks
Hormel® Pepperoni Polka – Short
Hormel® Pepperoni Polka – Long

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