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Why should I measure my head?

Simply because your head size changes: losing a couple of pounds, getting a hair cut can change the size of your head. 

Our hats fit head measurements from 21 1/8 inches to 23 7/8 inches. With standard head measurements for men's hats being 22 5/8 inches, and the standard head measurement for women's hats being 21 1/2 inches, we try to cover every head, from small to extra-large.

To get an accurate measurement use a non-stretch cloth measuring tape instead of a plastic one. 

Go for a comfortably snug fit, not too tight and certainly not too loose. The use of a hat may also determine its best fit: a tighter hat stays on better when its windy outside.

Take your time

Place the measuring tape around the widest part of your head, resting it where you like your hat to sit.

Fit is very subjective

Some people wear their hats low, some at an angle and some quite high. Some prefer their fedoras to be angled.

When you've got the tape positioned, join the leading edge to the tape at any comfortable spot on your forehead and note the number of inches, including fractions of an inch. 

Then simply compare the number of inches to the chart below to find your hat measurement.

A word of advice

Remember, if your measurement falls somewhere in the middle of a size range, it's advisable to choose the next largest size. Same with when you're trying to decided between "S/M" or "L/XL".

You will notice that some of our hats are "one size fits most". These hats generally have an elastic sweatband to accommodate a wide range of sizes.

We have a Hat Sizing Table along with the images of the item. Please refer to it before making your purchase. Thank you.


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