.75L Eagle Cobalt Blue Medallion Lidded German Beer Stein

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Ceramic German Beer Stein Mugs make every German beer taste better! To top off good German beer, this .75L (smooth surface with raised accent lines) ceramic mug beer stein is accented with a metal medallion which features a variation of "The Reichsadler" (Imperial Eagle) Deutschland Eagle Coat of Arms Crest which is derived from the Roman eagle standard used by the Roman emperors and has been used through the ages since medieval times to contemporary German republics.

  • FEATURES: Medieval Eagle Coat of Arms Metal Medallion with "Germany" embossed in the banner and topped with an ornate metal lid.
  • CLASSIC: Beautiful Cobalt Blue Beer Mug with a Lid, ceramic smooth surface with raised accent lines
  • POPULAR IN GERMANY AS: Beer Mugs for Men and Dad Beer Mug
  • Other words customers used to find this product: Octoberfest Gifts, Oktoberfest Stein, Deutschland Gifts, Opa Gifts, Drinking Glasses, Stoneware mug, Beer Stine, Earthenware Stein.
  • General Product Details | Approximate Dimensions (LxWxH): 4 X 5.5 X 10 Inches | Material Type: Ceramic | Approximate Volume: 0.75 Liter

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