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Alex Meixner, a Grammy nominee, is recognized for his dynamic and energetic performances at festivals, concert halls and clubs throughout the USA of a repertoire that encompasses everything from traditional and original polkas to popular rock and party anthems that are interpreted with jazz, country, world music and pop overtones. His most recent release, HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE is sure to add to his growing base of fans.

The title track is a collaboration with Reggae singer and composer Carlton Pride, son of Country legend Charley Pride. HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE is not only an infectious melody and beat, but a great message song that is already resonating with the live audiences at The Alex Meixner Band’s shows throughout the nation. This cd also premiers new songs by Meixner and frequent collaborators Michael Morris (drummer and vocalist from Temple, TX) and Randy Koslosky (accordion virtuoso from Pittsburgh, PA) including “Why Die Thirsty?”- a great new German/ Irish styled drinking song and “Let’s Go Ask the Band”- a fun polka with a country inflection. The cd roars along with requested selections from the live repertoire including the humorous “Eggroll Song”, a Bulgarian folk rocker “Gankino Oro” and the ever popular rendition of “Amazing Grace” performed on the Hoseaphone! Meixner shares the spotlight with 2012 Canadian national Accordion Champion, Michael Bridge on the Latin flavored accordion tour de force “El Cumbanchero”. He also features TX rock icon, Hector Saldana of The Krayolas on a new pop song they co-wrote called “Sally” and even has a cameo appearance by his daughters Zoey (age 7) and Kayla (age 4) on “Pipihenderl”, a fun Austrian yodeling song!

The following YouTube video highlights Alex Meixner's outstanding talent and versatility playing the accordion.


1. Happiness is a Choice
2. Michael’s Polka
3. Why Die Thirsty?
4. Just For You
5. Gankino Oro
6. C & M Waltz
7. Let’s Go Ask The Band
8. Pipihenderl
9. Eggroll Song
10. Pony Tail
11. I’m Loving You Now
12. He Ain’t Right
13. El Cumbanchero
14. Hawaiian Polka
15. Love Your Enemies
16. Squeeze Me
17. Sally
18. Jup Ei Di
19. Amazing Grace


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