Oktoberfest Zapft 1L Made In Germany Ceramic Beer Stein

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This colorful and vibrant German beer stein perfectly captures the festivities of Oktoberfest in Munich through the raised relief artwork of beer halls, draft horses, beer wagons and more! Tastefully hand painted, the stein also is adorned with a delicate and detailed ornamental lid of the iconic Liesl. Authentic German beer stein crafted in the factory of Zoller & Born using the finest quality materials from the renowned Westerwald region of Germany.

  • Made In Germany

  • Approximate Dimensions (Length x Height x Width): 6 X 4.5 X 11 Inches

  • Approximate Volume: 1 Liter

  • Liesl Ornamental Metal Lid

  • Approximate Dimension for Mouth of Stein- 3"

  • Material Type: Ceramic

  • Ceramic Finish- Smooth Glaze

  • Oktoberfest Zapft

  • German Name-Bierkrug Oktoberfest München Landmarke, Zinndeckel mit Bier Krug Mädchen 'Liesl' .

  • Handpainted Colorful Motif

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